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Open Content Project | Introduction

What is the DDBC Time Authority Database?

The DDBC Time Authority Database is one of a group of Authority Databases provided by Dharma Drum Buddhist College (DDBC). The time authority database contains detailed Chinese calendar data from beginning of the Qin dynasty to the current day. The major purpose of this database is to provide complete Chinese calendar information that can be used by external services and applications. It does, however, have its own web-based query interface and can be used as a standalone service.

What does the DDBC Time Authority Database Open Content Project provide?

The DDBC Time Authority Database Open Content Project provides the raw data of the DDBC Time Authority Database directly and anonymously to the public. The contents of the relational database are exported in the form of SQL queries and CSV files, and are available for download here and at our SourceForge.net project page.

In the DDBC Time Authority Database, the primary unique identifier used to designate an individual day is a Julian Day Number (JDN), which is used to retrieve the corresponding Chinese calendar data. Additional conversion is required between dates in a western format and this JDN. See here for more details.

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